Hanging Glass Globe Terrarium Air Plant Candle Holder Christmas Ornament


As seen in Better Homes & Gardens!

Hanging terrariums can be both appealing and eco-friendly.  Most have flat bottoms so you can choose to hang it or place in on a table. Fill these centerpiece glasses with plants, flowers, candles, or other objects for a stunning display that will impress your guests.

Please note: Terrariums are sold bare (without plants, soil, etc).

Approximate dimensions:
4-inch, Height: 4 inches, Open: 2-1/4 inches, Weight: 2 oz
5-inch, Height: 5 inches, Open: 3 inches, Weight: 3.75 oz
6-inch, Height: 6 inches, Open: 3-1/2 inches, Weight: 4.9 oz
7-inch, Height: 7 inches, Open: 4 inches, Weight: 9.15 oz
8-inch, Height: 8 inches, Open: 4-1/2 inches, Weight: 11.2 oz
4-inch with hook, Height: 4 inches, Open: 2-1/2 inches, Hook: 1 inch, Weight: 3.5 oz
5-inch with hook, Height: 5 inches, Open: 3 inches, Hook: 1 inch, Weight: 4.8 oz