Clear Reversible Trumpet Glass Floral Vase Centerpiece


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These unique trumpet vases make a wonderful centerpiece and is made out of very heavy duty glass.

Fill the vases with floating candles and flower petals, jelly balls or other objects for a stunning display that will surely impress your guests!

Dimensions (approximate):
Height: 24 inches x Open: 6 inches (features ball in center)
Height: 30 inches x Open: 7.5 inches (features ball in center)
Height: 23.5 inches x Open: 8 inches 
Height: 23 inches x Open: 3.5 inches (features ball in the lower base)

Note: Due to the hand blown nature of glass vases by our artisans, there may be slight variations in size and often contains small imperfections such as tiny bubbles. The trumpet vase are sold bare. It does not come with any floral decor.