Acrylic Translucent Flower Spray with Leaves, 5-inch, 12-Count


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You've seen it in home decorating magazines and even in Bridal magazines. A thin flexible wire with sparkling beads, pearls or crystals is wrapped around a candle centerpiece, scattered across a table, draped across a fireplace mantle, positioned around the top and sides of a mirror - the uses are almost endless. Banquets and wedding receptions have used floral sprays as an inexpensive way to create wonderful tabletop decorations and centerpieces and are also attractive on wedding cake tabletops. Assorted colors. Beautiful floral spray resembles a real flower with plastic leaves and a golden stem that is flexible to branch out spray. A must have for decorations in the spring time and floral embellishments!

Dimensions: Length: 1.25" x Height: 5" (Flower and Leaves only 2" high)
Pack: 12 piece